Comedy Web Series - O Vatsyayana | EP 02 | Kabir Sadanand | Amit Behl | FrogsLehren | HD

This confidence of their nemesis is a little worrisome for Alpha & Omega but they take solace in the fact that Aditya is the ultimate loser. On earth, Aditya is pining away for Ananya and has lift a bonfire of everything that reminds him of her. Aditya is pissed drunk and despondent when Vatsyayana appears before him in his heavenly garb. The two do not exactly get off on the right foot…eventually Vatsyayan manages to get through to Aditya when he tells him that he can fix his love life. Vatsyayan accompanies Aditya to his regular café and shows him what he is capable of by setting up dates for him with numerous girls. Aditya though is till pining for Ananya and Vatsyayan assures him that he can do anything! Has Vatsyayan bitten more than he can chew? Is there any hope for Vatsyayan?

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