Tom Hanks surprised a bride and groom while jogging.

It was just a couple of days ago that there were rumors about him and his wife calling quits and heading towards a divorce. But we don’t think so after this gesture that Tom would do that!

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The Oscar nominee and two Oscar winner, Tom Hanks is said to be the happiest person and the nicest guy in the Hollywood. His acting surely makes our eyes water. Not just that, Tom also fulfills fans wishes and if that is not all, he also made a scrap book out of the fan mail. How adorable. In 2013, Tom met his biggest fan, who spend her time collecting newspaper cuttings and various pictures. Her name was Sarah Moretti, who has autism. He met her and said even his mom doesn’t have something like that. That’s not all, in 2014, he became friend of a New York taxi driver. At first the taxi driver did not notice him, but after a while she noticed and recognized him , while Tom kept on calling the taxi driver ‘Mr. Ferrari’ till they reached his destination. To top it all, Tom also invited ‘Mr. Ferrari’ and gave him Broadway show tickets and also met the Taxi driver and his wife backstage. How lucky is that cabbie. And now just three days ago, we the came to know that Tom surprised a random bride and groom when they were taking wedding photographs. So the star was jogging in the New York’s Central Park earlier this weekend, just like a normal person would jog. He saw some newlyweds who were getting their photographs clicked and decided to greet them and wish them a good married life. Check out what he posted on his Instagram post;


Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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The couple, Elisabeth and Ryan were shocked to see him in the park and the wedding videographer caught all the action for the couple how amazing is that. The couple would never forget about this gesture of Tom Hanks which made their wedding all the more special. He also took a picture with the bride and the groom. And also took time off to meet the adorable ring bearer and the flower girl who are maybe, still clueless who this actor was. Check out the pictures below;