Sonam Kapoor Kicked About Cannes Film Festival 2016

Sonam Kapoor, who is all set to walk the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival on May 15 and May 16 is kicked about her appearance at the auspicious gala.

Sonam Kapoor Sonam Kapoor Kicked About Cannes Source : Press

Sonam Kapoor, who is making it the Cannes Red Carpet on 15th and 16th May is making her last one stop to Manchester completing her final round of fittings before heading for Cannes Film Festival. Sonam Kapoor has always been known as a Fashionista and is particular about what she will be wearing to this grand event. This is the sixth consecutive year that she is presenting herself at the prestigious event. She has already decided what to wear and her fashion designers are working on it. So she will be stopping by Manchester for a day and see to the fittings for one last time before reaching Cannes. The actress is planning on something different and inspiring and her sister Rhea has planned everything well in advance. "I don’t have to worry when Reha is there. But yes I do have jitters as you have to showcase what you are wearing but I have also learnt to forget my worries and enjoy myself. I believe on should live in the moment," she says. Sonam is looking forward to meeting a lot of people out there. "I am looking forward to meeting a lot of people and I am excited, but I have not been informed who will be present on the occasion." The actress will not be meeting her contemporaries Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the event there. "I am not aware Katrina won't be there and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will be leaving before my arrival. Unfortunately, I will be missing them both," she adds.

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