Shagun to sacrifice her feelings for Raman Bhalla?

Raman still loves Ishita, but will Shagun understand this and sacrifice her love for Raman? Raman Bhalla is seen crying in his balcony for Ishita, his wife.

Shagunr Shagun to sacrifice her feelings for Raman? Source : Press

The most famous love triangle on Indian Television right now, is obviously Yeh hai Mohobbatein. With Raman having proposed Shagun, in-front of Ishita the fans of YHM are taken aback. Balaji, knows properly the elements that are required to catch the audience attention. And there couldn’t be a better twist then this. But do we have to wait for more twists? Clearly evident Raman’s crying scene in the balcony, while everybody is preparing for his and shaguns haldi,he is still in love with love with Ishita. But complicated relationship well, is the word here. So how much more complicated will it get? Depends on balaji again. It may not be surprising to soon see Shagun sacrificing her love for Ishita. Yes, while right now it does not seem to be an appropriate time for shagun to do so, since, she is also smitten hard by him. But after all, balaji hai boss, kuch bhi ho sakta hai. Moreover, to add more spice to this situation Ishita has also agreed to marry Mani. Woo ho, Fire both the sides we see flaming. Not only do we expect a dramatic episode now, where karan confesses his love for ishita in a perfect tragedy situation but also expect shagun to turn out to be good and sacrifice her love for karan. With so much of drama we only see, the TRP booming up and up for this show. Will Shagun be the one behind this plan? Will she sacrifice and get Ishra together? Well, we must wait and watch.

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