Salman Khan DITCHES Kapil and joins Sunil Grover on 'Super Night with Tubelight'

Sunil Grover finally starts his show with Tubelight star, Salman Khan and Sohail Khan making ‘Super Night with Tubelight’ have a good start.

After the feud between Kapil Sharma, actor-comedian, Sunil Grover starts off with a special episode with bhaijaan, Salman Khan. Salman Khan was seen on the sets of the 'Super Night with Tubelight' with his brother, Sohail Khan. Now the special episode which would be aired on the Sony channel, just gave out few glimpse from 'Super Night with Tubelight'. Sunil Grover was seen in his most famous character, Dr. Mashoor Gulati along with Ali Asgar and his other co-stars from the previous show.

However, nor Salman Khan or Kapil Sharma has made any further announcement that Tubelight would be promoted on the show after all The Kapil Sharma Show was on the declining stage when it came to the TPR. Talking about, The Kapil Sharma Show's TRP, Kapil, however, has managed to keep the TRPs high with the help of Kiku Sharda and the character that he plays. However, now the main question is would Sunil Grover's special show, 'Super Night with Tubelight' would harm Kapil Sharma's show in any way? 

Because after a very long time, Kapil's show climbed up to the position at the top 5 favorite shows seen by the audience. The Kapil Sharma Show had some really good TRPs, which the show lost post the feud between the two comedians. Apart from Sunil Grover himself, the special show would also see Sunanda Mishra and Ali Asgar playing different characters.