Oscars 2017: Worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet

It becomes as an unsaid rule to dress up in the most alluring way for Oscars red carpet.But seems like that some celebs are just expert in breaking this rule.

Oscares 2017 Oscars 2017: Worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet Source : Press

In the race to be the best, there are always some disappointments. And red carpet is not an exception. While no one really looks bad at Oscars, some really missed the mark by a slight margin. 2017 Oscars had some great fashion statements but we can't deny that there were a few fashion blunders too. Well, yes there were some celebs who decided to goof up and play with their styling sense, and well, it turned into nothing but a big disaster. Check these pictures, if you don't believe us:

1.Cynthia Erivo:

The British actor singer and song writer probably assumed the Oscars to be happening on the beach, and so maybe that is why she chose this really dull carob brown color floral gown for the event. This one is a big no no dear Cynthia!

2. Julianne Moore

We know you could have done a lot better Julianne. That modified black sheath gown just didn't look 'Oscary.' In fact the black feels that it gives, makes it look more like a reception dress than an Oscars dress.

3. Nancy O'Dell

The American host and anchor could have done a lot better than that this. Her crimson color sweetheart ball gown didn't look that appealing.

4. Jessica Biel

The 'Hitchcock' actresses gown looked nothing more than a golden aluminium foil. Jessica who is generally known for her sleek style and classy attires, this time had a big fashion blunder! We understand this does happen sometime.

5. Isabelle Huppert:

The 'Hunger Games' actress could have done just a little better! Her dull linen color attire with all that shimmer, made her look really boring.

6. Giuliana Rancic

If there was a category for the worst dressed in the oscars, Giuliana sure would have won it. The red carpet picture of her posing in that uninteresting blue gray gown, says all that we want to we hope!

Tell us out of these, which one did you find worst?