Oscars 2017: Performance or popularity? Will it be Emma Stone or Ruth Negga?

The nomination for Best Actress for Oscars 2017 is a mixed bag of popularity versus credibility.

Oscars 2017: Performance or popularity? Will it be Emma Stone or Ruth Negga? Source : Press

Here are the nominees: 
Isabelle Huppert (Elle) Isabella Hupert’s role of Michèle Le Blanc, who lead a video game company and her attitude towards business and her love life is the same as she is ruthless in both the aspects of her life. So ruthless that when she is raped in her own home, instead of grieving or being in shock, she cleans up after the act and moves on like nothing happened. She has played the role so well that one might feel a chill as the plot of the movie unravels.
Ruth Negga (Loving) The movie is based around the unconstitutional law of the time that prevented interracial marriage. In this movie Ruth Negga, who plays the role of Mildred Loving, falls in love with Richard, a white construction worker. Ruth portrays this role so convincingly that you can actually see the hardships that the Lovings went through in the 1960s.
Natalie Portman (Jackie) Natalie Portman takes to the role of former first lady Jackie Kennedy, wife of John F. Kennedy comfortably. The film is a biographical drama about the tragic event — John F Kennedy’s assassination and how Jackie’s life was affected by the same.
Emma Stone (La La Land) Emma Stone, who played the role of Mia, an aspiring actor convinced us with her grounded performance in the film. The starry-eyed aspiring actor who failed at auditions multiple times tugs at you with her honest performance that is attractive, yet not star-like.
Meryl Streep (Florence Foster Jenkins) Florence Foster Jenkins is an heiress in New York who has a passion for music and singing. A rich woman with no talent is encouraged by her peers to pursue singing and only ends up as a joke.