Oscars 2017: Actress in a Supporting Role: Viola Davis is a favourite, can Michelle Williams stage a

Viola Davis shifts the gravity of film through her powerful performance in the second half of Fences. Michelle Williams has barely few minutes on-screen, yet she manages to hold her own in one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Manchester by the Sea

Viola Davis Oscars 2017: Actress in a Supporting Role: Viola Davis is a favourite, can Michelle Williams stage an upset? Source : Press

The actresses in a supporting role brought forth a rare sense of courage, intensity, honesty, warmth, and strength on the screen. The actresses revitalized the term acting and breathed a ne life into their roles and characters. Here’s is the list of nominees competing in Best Actress in a Supporting Role category: 

Viola Davis (Fences) Viola’s third nomination after her prior nominations for her role in Doubt (2009) and The Help (2012), sees her playing the role of a garbage man’s wife who has got used to living life in the shadows of her short tempered husband.

Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) Unlike Viola Davis, Michelle Williams is not given too much time on the screen in the movie Manchester by the Sea, in fact her role barely lasts few minutes on the screen. However, we see her character undergoing change and that transformation creates a wonderful opportunity for Michelle to ‘act’.

Naomie Harris (Moonlight) Moonlight isn’t about women. It’s a story of masculinity, identity and homosexuality. Naomie Harris has a small but significant part in it. It’s only through her character’s ignorance and cruelty, you get to sympathise with ‘Little’ – a precocious black boy growing up in a poor neighbourhood in Miami.

Octavia Spencers (Hidden Figures) Octavia plays Dorothy Vaughn who is an acting supervisor of African-American computers at NASA. Dorothy is constantly denied promotion but is determined to do well despite prevalent prejudices existing at the workplace.

Nicole Kidman (Lion) Nicole Kidman in yet another endearing performance of her career plays Sue Brierley, an Australian woman who adopts two children from India.