Let’s Shake a leg, with this Makhan Chor!

The cast of the movie Vrundavan was recently spotted dancing enthusiastically on the song 'Ala Re Ala Dashing Govinda'!

Vrundavan Let’s Shake a leg, with this Makhan Chor! Source : Press

The cast of the upcoming Marathi movie, ‘Vrundavan’ seemed all zealous while dancing on the tunes of their new song. This new song of theirs known to be as ‘Ala Re Ala Dashing Govinda’ is based on the Dahi Handi festival. Of this multi starrer cast, we could spot Rakesh Bapat, Pooja Sawant, and Vaidehi Parashurami. The three seemed very energetic dancing on the tunes of Ganesh Acharya, yes he is the choreographer for this song! The song had almost 600 back dancers, adding to the enthusiastic vibe of it. The lyrics have been written by Sachin Pathak, and sung by Amitraj and Avdhoot Gupte, who were also spotted on the sets. So while this track looks catchy already, we can’t wait to shake leg to it either!

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