Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation Gala

Ain't no party like a Leo party! As there is lot's and lot's of money involved and of course his A list ladies. Leo's party was a grand affair with many celebs and models in it making the event all the more grand.

Leonardo DiCaprio Leonardo DiCaprio's Foundation Gala Source : Press
Leonardo DiCaprio's annual Foundation Gala like every year was a grand affair involving many celebrities and of course lot's of models because, it's Leo! The 41-year-old actor threw a party in St.Tropez on Wednesday evening, the guest list for the same involved many ‘A’ list actors to worlds hottest supermodels. Everyone from Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill to Naomi Campbell and Doutzen Kroes were all in the attendance of the event. The Foundation Gala is held by Leo every year to raise awareness and money for various environmental causes. Leo started this Foundation in 1998, the foundation since then has funded over $59 million in environmental projects on every continent and every ocean. Earlier this month, the foundation announced their largest grant of $15.6 million for wildlife and habitat protection, ocean conservation, indigenous rights programs and innovative solutions to combat climate change. The Gala this year raised a huge amount of $45 million, by having some of the exclusive items up for bid, DiCaprio's Rolex, the diamond cuff lings he wore when he won his Oscar and a seven-night stay at his Palm Springs property. Leo also rallied his famous friends to donate items including a week on set with Martin Scorsese, a private game of Texas Hold 'Em with Edward Norton and Jonah Hill, an evening with Mariah Carey, a lunch with Margot Robbie as well as a Harley Davidson motorcycle and the Terminator Genesys skull from Arnold Schwarzenegger. We appreciate Leo's good work, Keep going boy!