Karan Patel gets into an ugly fight with Neeraj Baliyan

Ye Hai Mohabbatein actor Karan Patel, who is much famous for his short-temper spat with the shows director Neeraj Baliyan on the sets.

Karan Patel Karan Patel gets into an ugly fight with Neeraj Baliyan Source : Press

It seems that Karan Patel and controversies walk hand in-hand. As per the sources, the ‘Yeh Hain Mohabbatein’ actor got into a tussle with the daily soap director, Neeraj Baliyan. The insiders revealed, Neeraj was setting up the camera for a scene when the actor (Karan) entered the spot and suggested Neeraj some of his ideas. However, Neeraj doesn’t seem interested and asked Karan to let him work as per his creativity. This made Karan boil in anger and got into a huge argument. Within a short span of time, the scuffle became horrible and both Neeraj and Karan nearly came to blows. All thanks to the crew members, who immediately intervened and stopped them. An annoyed Karan then rushed into his vanity van and refused to shoot. His co-star Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita had to wait really for a really long time for the next scene shoot to start. However, good sense overcomes and Karan reportedly came out in some time to shoot the next scene. Neeraj and Karan also patched up and things were back to normal in a few hours. Karan took to twitter to clear his viewpoint about the issue. He tweeted. “I love your sense of humour. U crack me up all the time.Start a comic series, you’ll rock!” This is not the first time when Karan lost his temper and got into a heated argument. A few days back, it came to us that Karan lost his temper when he was asked to film a rain sequence for the daily soap.

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