John Cena or Nikki Bella? Who is that?

John Cena and Nikkie Bella are seen dressed as each other this Halloween and posted the hilarious video. Check it out

John Cena John Cena or Nikki Bella? Who is that? Source : Press

As well all know Hollywood stars recently celebrated Halloween and we came across many costumes this year. But what did we see? 
John Cena the professional wrestler dressed as Nikki Bella! Yes, John decided to be Nikkie Bella this Halloween and obviously Nikki Bella dressed up as John. The professional wrestlers were seen dressed as each other and that's not all, they also posted a video. The video was so hysterically funny that you would almost see yourself rolling on the floor.
The power couple tried to fit in each other’s clothes and acted as well like each other. John was seen wearing a wig with hot red lipstick paired with the Fearless crop top and hot pants. Whereas Nikki was seen making a spot on entry on John Cena’s theme song. Check out the video.

On the other hand, the Fearless woman, Nikki, and John are dating since 2012 which led to her growth in WWE career. It was just weeks ago Carmella got into a dispute with Nikki and accused her of being a gold digger as she is dating Cena. Maybe this is all because of their former show, Total Diva where she was seen with her twin Brie Bella. 

Brie Bella’s other half Daniel Bryan seems to have hit rock bottom and by the looks of Bryan’s health, doctors don’t think he will be back in the ring again so he decided to move out of the house and shift to Phoenix.