Ishita presenting for the first time in Office!

Omg! Santoshi, who is always helpful to others gets a big surprise on Krishna Janmashtami Festival.

Ishita presenting for the first time in Office! Source : Press
Ishita, whom you have seen as a housewife handling kitchen and kids is now handling business and dealing with big projects these day. Yes! our very own Isshi Maa has now become an entrepreneur and is all set for her first presentation in front of Singhals, who are the elite business partner of Ishita's company. Lets see, what Ishita has to present in the meeting. Wow! Isshi Maa, you has proved that women are multitasker. Well, that means Ishita has proved herself, now its Raman who need to prove himself in Kitchen. We are sure Raman's kitchen activities will be more interesting then Isshi Maa's Presentation.