Have you followed Katrina yet?

Katrina Kaif who has always been away from all the social media hassle, has finally given in and decided to be a part of the social media gang. She has recently joined Facebook.

Katrina Kaif Have you followed Katrina yet? Source : Press

She had made it to "The worlds sexiest woman alive", She had made it on the barbie brand, The world knows her very well, but why isn't she still on Facebook? Well here's the answer. Talking about it, Katrina Kaif had revealed it to Bombay times some time back "'I want to protect myself. I know it is a platform where I can choose what I want to say, but I know there is negativity too, and I am very sensitive.''. However today on her birthday, this doll has finally broken all her previous records and come on the social media platform, out and open. Yes, type on Facebook "Katrina Kaif'', and you will find her official account, with the blue tick. Talking about the same on how the actress finally changed her mind she says,"I have come to the conclusion that there are some things that are best said yourself. Yes, I have been wary of social media for really long, and I have even voiced my concerns about it, but it is good to do things in life that scare you, isn't it? I think there is a side to you that only you can show, nobody can do it for you. People around me have been coaxing me for years, but I do something only when I am ready for it. So now I took the plunge". That's not all, while we have seen many stars thrashing their haters off, this is how Katrina will react when someone tries to insult her "I am clear that unless there is something absolutely outrageous said about me, I am not going to use social media to give clarifications or make contradictions. For someone like me who is so guarded and shy, it was good to overcome my fear and have my own voice. That is what I am looking forward to. I will present myself in whatever way I am comfortable, I am not putting myself in someone else's hands and that idea excites me. On this platform, you have no one else to blame or hold responsible for what you say". Fair enough Kat, take us by your side ! Now that's a very happy news for all Katrina Fans. We wish you a very Happy Birthday lady.

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