Gigi Hadid gets manhandled by a Ukrainian prankster

You read that right! Gigi was just leaving the Max Mara Show when a man picked her up from behind and she lashes out at the man while she manages to reach her car

Gigi Hadid Gigi Hadid Source : Press

It was just another day at the Milan Fashion Show where Supermodel Gigi Hadid was present at the Max Mara catwalk show along with sister Bella Hadid who is rumored to be dating the ‘Often’ singer 'The Weeknd' aka Abel Tesfaye. The sisters were seen wearing the Spring-Summer 2017 collection of Max Maraat. Gigi was seen in a lemon yellow and white eye shadow following her younger sister Bella on the ramp. Check out her look below;


After getting done with the show, Gigi and Bella were seen leaving the event. Where in the moment Gigi was manhandled? What!! The Supermodel got furious at the outrageous behavior of the person. Paparazzi were ready with their cameras to shoot the whole situation. They thought it was some ‘fan’ who tried to pick her up from behind. But later, it comes out that the model was grabbed by the serial prankster, Vitalii Sediuk. Vitalii is a Ukrainian media celeb who is well known for such pranks. Check out the whole situation below in pictures;


Here in the above picture, the sisters are trying to leave the event and go back to their home but the prankster grabbed the model her from behind. What!



Here we can see the model trying to get hold of the whole situation and understand while she tries to look at the person who grabbed her.



Gigi manages to come down and tries to fight. While Bella can be seen there trying to get Gigi down.


Gigi fights back and slaps the prankster as you can see.


Here, Gigi tells she bodyguard to look into the matter as she enters the car.

Zayn Malik’s girlfriend went on to the microblogging site, Twitter too so that she can express her feelings. Check out her tweet below;




This was not the first time that the Ukrainian prankster was caught. He also played a prank on Brad Pitt while he was attending the red carpet of 2014 film, Maleficent. The prankster tried to jump the barricade and tried to make contact with the star. Well too bad that he left and lucky that Gigi’s boyfriend was not present at the moment. But we are sure he wouldn’t have been spared if Zayn was present.