59th Grammy Awards: Most weird-dressed celebrity

After taking a good look at the best dress, check out the celebrities who just didn't dress worse, but also in the weirdest way. Check them all out:

59th Grammy Awards 59th Grammy Awards: Most weird-dressed celebrity Source : Press

59th Grammy Awards are here and the red carpet is flooded with stars. While celebrities like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry slayed the Red Carpet with their stunning appearance, there were some big disappointments too! Take look at the celebrities who dressed in the weirdest way that you can't even imagine! 

Girl Crush: Girl Crush, we know that you like shooting balloons but we don't know why you became a target for the same.

Elle King: While Girl Crush showed her love for balloons on the red carpet, Jacqueline Van Bierk did a failed attempt to look like a princess.

Santigold: With her long sleeved tacky dress, Santigold failed to bring the 80's on the red carpet. And is that a dragon or a snake.

Ceelo Green: Meanwhile Ceelo Green said, "Who need a Gold Grammy when you can become gold?"

Adele: Though Adele looked cute and beautiful, a simple green gown wasn't what we expected from the Skyfall star.

Jacqueline Van Bierk: Looks like someone's DVD player wasn't working properly.

Anoushka Shankar: It seems that the Indian star was confused to go for Indian ethnic or Western dress, that's why she came up with this.

Joy Villa: Do we need to even explain this?