Tiger Shroff considers himself fortunate

Tiger Shroff's latest venture, Flying Jatt has become popular with the kids. While Flying Jatt is just his third film in Bollywood, Tiger is now looking forward to doing more films for kids have become his target audience.

Tiger Shroff Tiger Shroff considers himself fortunate. Source : Press
The new Indian superhero after Ra.One and Krishh comes, The Flying Jatt, Tiger Shroff. The actor says that he is stable now and is ready to work hard. He rues that he has not got his father's height but thinks he is lucky as he has got work in the industry and the audience has accepted him. Tiger says that he got to learn a lot from this film Flying Jatt. "I am no long insecure as I have achieved the knowledge of the craft now. I am glad that children love this film and they have their own Indian superhero to look up to. I have a soft corner for children and hope I can do more films keeping children in mind" says Tiger. Tiger Shroff also adds that, he is independent as far as his career is concern. "My parents never interfere. They have left me to make my own choices”. He also adds that his father didn't go asking for roles. He was lucky that Subhash Ghai saw him in an ad and signed him. He never saw big dreams in fact he is not driven like me.” But Tiger says that, he considers himself fortunate that he is a star son. "People don't realize that being a star so is not easy." There are more expectations from a star son and the pressure is also more. That's why I feel glad that dad didn't launch me and had nothing to do with my career. I am what I am today because of Sajid Nadiadwala, Saabir Khan and my hard work paid me. It was easier to get offers but when the lights go off in theaters it's not as easy as it seems."