Tahir Raj Bhasin: The baddie every girl dreams of !

Gone are the days when girls were scared of the movie villain, this generation has given us some villains, girls drool over. Tahir Bhasin is one such villain!

Tahir Raj Bhasin Tahir Raj Bhasin: The baddie every girl dreams of ! Source : Press
Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor, Amjad Khan, these have been some villains, who have scared us to death. Their power and grunt have been enough to give us sleepless nights. But seems like gone are those days! Today's generation looks for baddies, who are more realistic. Today the girls looks out more for the werewolf than the prince charming, and this actor through his rugged looks and bad ass acting blends in perfectly within the title of a 'werewolf'. The actor made the character of 'Karan' that he played in the movie Mardaani look all the more real and evil. But the kind of evil that girls would love to talk too, or hang out with. Of course, the psychology of girls treating bad boys as a project that they can fix up stands true in this case too. But the antagonist today is the very boy next door, the cunning powers of whom are probably invisible. It becomes inevitable to say then that the antagonist has to be equally or even sometimes more charming than the Protagonist itself. This becomes essential because again to get more into the skin of the baddies we see today. Talking about Tahir Raj Bhasin, this actor sure made an impact on screen, in spite of a strong actor like Rani Mukherjee playing the lead in a movie. And as expected girls were swooning over this baddie once they were out of the cinema hall. The actor had even once confessed to a leading daily, of how he was worried on the fact if girls would hate him after the movie, but contrary to that the reaction of girls was overwhelming. The actor also later did a short romantic film, with YRF on YouTube, starring alongside Nimrat Kaur, and guess what this time too, he hit the hammer perfectly on the point. Tahir looked amazing as a simple romantic husband. It is only when one goes through his Instagram that one realizes, how much philosophical this guy is. Scrolling down the pictures we came across portraits and stills of local places he has been too, what caught our eye however were the captions he had used. The depth and meaning that his words have makes us look at the other side of his personality. A budding writer, if not a pro-writer. All in all, with his first movie itself he has given us this unspoken message that he is here to stay for sure! Tahir will be next seen in force 2, again playing the role of an antagonist. The movie will also star John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha. We sure can't wait for it to be out, can we?