Sushant Singh Rajput's school secrets!

Sushant is a great actor, dancer, and even a cricketer now. But do we know how he was in his school days? Check out what his teachers have to say for him.

Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput's school secrets! Source : Press
With the modern era of marketing, where your PR team analyses and decides the best place for the marketing of your movie, how beneficial is it to promote it in your own school? Well, this only the box office collections of M.S Dhoni will say, but for now, here are some insights about the movies actor Sushant Singh Rajput's school days, in this candid conversation with TOI, teachers of DAV Kulachi Hansraj Model School revealed Sushants school secrets. Sushant had actually visited his school for the promotion of his upcoming movie, M.S Dhoni, and that is when the media got the opportunity to interact with some of his teachers. Madhu Mehta, Sushant's grade 11 chemistry teacher very happily recalls "I remember him as somebody very quiet but very sensitive, obedient and sweet. He never scored excellent marks but he was a good student.". Like every other normal individual wouldn't expect, Madhu didn't expect too, that Sushant even after achieving stardom, would still recognize her, but to her surprise he did. "He came out from the basement and hugged me. I couldn't believe that he still remembers his teachers. That speaks of the person he is." Madhu exclaimed with glee. Throwing away all the rumors that Sushant was a back bencher, Yashu Kumar, Sushant's physics teacher recalled "He was very ambitious but slightly naughty. It is a proud moment for all of us to see him become such a big star. We did know that he had dropped out his college to pursue a career in acting but never expected him to be a part of Bollywood movies" On the other hand His Math teacher did confess about the actor being a bit shy "He used to love discussions and was shy otherwise but with the subject, he was really good. However he instantly recognized me and met me with the same warmth." Contradicting to all these teachers, was Sushant's play teacher who said Sushant indeed was a naughty child. Sharing a funny experience she had with this actor she said "Nukkad naatak karwati thi main. Jab practice ke liye bulate the ya kabhi zor se daant-te the, tab hansta rehta tha. Toh maine ek baar bola usko ki tum chale jao, tum nahi karne wale. Fir kisi ne bola, nahi ye achha karta hai...toh dobara bulaya usko. Lekin play mein bhi hass hi raha tha..." However her last statement did give us a hint of how 'a star was born' "Jab usko kaam karne ko bola jata tha, toh exactly wahi karta tha. Character mein hota tha, toh bas wahi tha"