Is Ranveer Singh actually all 'Befikre' about his stardom?

While a lot of actors are known for their frank nature and real side, seems like Ranveer singh is showing too much of it. Wherever her goes, drama follows. Why so?

Ranvir Singh Is Ranvir Singh actually all 'Befikre' about his stardom? Source : Press
Ranveer Singh. He is one actor who is always involved into one or some other kind of drama. Whether it's dancing publicly, or expressing his feelings for his loved one. This man does it all, that too loud and open. But why so much? Wherever he goes, there is some or the other controversy he is involved into. Whether it's him dancing during the screening of Sultan or his latest stint of copying SRK's song from the movie Darr. Why do you think this actor, needs so much of publicity suddenly? Is it the 'real energy' or is it all made up for his movies to do a good business on the box office? While he has been named one of the most energetic actor in B-town, lets not forget it's same energy and drama that catches peoples attention, from whatever the source maybe and this gets us back again to square one, how much of it is actually true? Recently the actor was spotted posing with topless girls in Switzerland, while it was all a part of his vacation there, the picture was captioned as 'Befikre in Switzerland' and it is no secret that Befikre is the name of this actors upcoming movie. So how much of attention do you think has this stunt caught? Well a lot, with leading tabloids and newspapers speaking about this picture he posted, we are sure the movie has already gained a lot of publicity even before its release.But the question being why would a star have to pose with nude girls to promote his movie? Biggies of B-town like Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and even SRK for that matter have promoted their movie a lot, but sure not gone to this extent! This leads to simply indicating Ranveer Singh's insecurity about his stardom. Is it all fading, that he needs such publicity or is it his real self? Well, that only time can say but for now, we hope its all real and we get to see this actor, with better 'promotional activities' next time.