Kriti Kharbanda is ready to enter the Bollywood limelight.

Kriti Kharbanda who comes all the way from Tollywood is now ready to be in the Bollywood limelight as she bags a lead role in Vikram Bhatt's movie, Razz Reboot which would be the third installment to the title.

Kriti Kharbanda Kriti Kharbanda is ready to enter the Bollywood limelight. Source : Press
Kriti Kharbanda is all set for her big debut in Vikram Bhatt's franchise, Raaz Reebot. The actress who has been doing a lot of South ventures is excited because this is her first Horror movie. Making a move from the South to Bollywood is quite a risk that Kriti will be making but that does not worry Kriti since she has already set her career in the south. The actress says she is busy with her first Tamil venture after a spate of Kannada films but is looking forward to Raaz as it is a franchise from the Bhatt camp. Kriti says, "Raaz Reebot is my first film with the Bhatt camp and they have already made it big. As a package everything was perfect. I have been doing South films for a while and when you are doing well in an established industry you don't have these insecurities whether your film will do well or not. I am excited because it's my first horror venture. As it is I feel scared over silly things and this film really frightened me" she admits. The actress says unlike other actors she didn't get time to do any workshops with director Vikram Bhatt. "I was shooting for my south film and didn't have time for any preparation. I came on the sets directly, Vikram Sir told me to come like a plain canvas and I had to unlearn a lot of things. The character in the film is spontaneous and he wanted me to do it that way." "Next, I am doing a Tamil film ‘Bruce Lee’ which is my debut in Tamil film industry and a Kannada film aclled, ‘Masti Gudi’ a film on Tiger poaching based and a true incident in the 80's" informs Kriti. Brought up in Bangalore, Kriti started her career at the young age of 17 and says that she loves to take time off often. "I have been working from a young age. There are days when I have not taken an off because I am very ambitious but at times I take a year off and spend time with the family. I love to cook and make my own food at times" says the 28 year old. The actress also adds that she has done strong roles in Tollywood and hopes that this film will do well too. "A lot of girls from Bangalore like Deepika, Anushka Sharma have made in big in Bollywood. So I guess Bangalore girls have luck in Bollywood. I am keeping my fingers crossed until then" she adds.