Kajol says: Nobody approved my wedding with Ajay Devgn

Kajol was on Neha Dhupia’s show No Filter Neha and revealed some interesting scoop about her marriage with Ajay.

Kajol Kajol says: Nobody approved my wedding with Ajay Devgn Source : Press

Neha Dhupia's show No Filter Neha gained immense popularity right from its first season. Now it is the third season of the show and the recent one to appear on it is the chirpy actress Kajol Devgn.

Kajol was on the show to promote her film Helicopter Eela but revealed so much other stuff which we are sure you are unaware of.

While talking about her wedding Kajol revealed "Nobody wanted us to get married besides his family and my family. My family also was iffy. My dad didn't talk to me for a week when I told him I wanted to get married. It was because I wanted to get married. He was just like why do you want to get married, you're so young and your career is doing so well and I was like but I want to get married."

"Ajay and I were very different people, so lots of people had reservations as to what we would be like as a couple and we were not very social even then. Not a lot of people had met us together or knew what we were like together."

Kajol and Ajay got hitched on February 24, 1999, and are parents to two children Nysa and Yug. They were considered the most unusual couple of Bollywood as Ajay was a very shy person and Kajol was a chirpy girl.

But then, as they say, love has the power to bind two opposite personalities together, here they are, a happy Devgn family.