Friendship, Love and Everything In Between: Ritesh and Genelia.

The story of 14 years of togetherness of this cute couple in Bollywood. How things changed from friendship to love, and finally when they tied the knot.

Friendship Friendship, Love And Everything In Between: Story of this cute couple Ritesh and Genelia. Source : Press

While we see a lot of couples breaking out their long lasted marriages and relationship in Bollywood. Genelia and Ritesh Deshmukh, seem to be setting some important relationship goals; Even after 14 years of togetherness (and still counting) the couple still appear, as if they have just found love. These love birds started dating in 2003, when their first movie tujhe meri kasam hai was being shot. However, it was never like “hey we love each other, so lets be together thing for them’’. It was rather a very flimy story; initially Genilia even never looked at Ritesh the first time they met. Ritesh being the CM’s son, Genelia expected him to be like a spoilt brat of course; however that was not the case later. Soon they became friends, and as they say ‘pyaar dosti hai’, and it is this same dosti that led to ‘best dosti’ and then finally to ‘pyaar’. 10 years of dating for them had been very steady, in fact in one leading daily genelia even confessed of how, Ritesh actually never proposed her officially, and it was just the idea of being together with which they decided to go ahead. But like every filmy story, here too things weren’t easy. Ritesh who is apparently the son of late Mr. Villas Rao Deshmukh(The CM back then), had to convince a lot to both his parents for Genelia. However it was this convincing and the strong belief, that Ritesh had put upon genelia that led his parents to be convinced. Genelia also further added in the same interview that for them loves is in the small moments, even if it means a small coffee date together. That is how they survived it all, after all after their debut film, they did not work together for the next eight years, still they made sure, to spend time with each other, whenever possible and still be together. What is important is understanding and trust, both of them say that. And till date it is this thing that has kept their bond so strong that they make sure to at least if not able to meet, at least wish each other good morning and good night, so that they start and end their day together. With such and many other ‘Aww Moments’ the couple today is happily married with a son, and is recently blessed with another one. Keep the love going guys, sets up a lot of inspiration for the new ‘hook-up; patch up’ generation, that love does exist, even beyond the books and the movies.

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