Cliché but not so cliché: Imtiaz Ali and his women characters!

While many may have liked and in fact loved the movies of this amazing director, one may have however failed to notice the way he has portrayed all his female characters. From Geet to Veera, not a single one, you may have not loved.

Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt Cliché but not so cliché: Imtiaz Ali and his women characters! Source : Press
Imtiaz Ali, the name not only promises movies that have substance, and good content, but also characters that are strong, relatable and perfectly sketched. And all the women out there would surely agree to this! The director came to fame only after his hit "Jab We Met'' but not many may know that he has also directed a movie like Socha Na Tha, which had good content but couldn't do a great business, thanks to the 'Masala Movie Trends' of those times. The article below talks about the way he has portrayed 'Today's Women'! The way every girl is,and still wants to be, and this is the challenge that Imtiaz as a director has excelled in. Starting with his very first movie as a director, Socha Na Tha, Imtiaz made sure, his character of 'Aditi' in the movie made sense, especially in those times, when only female characters who wore 'Salwaar Kameez' and had the 'Sanskars' were celebrated! Aditi as a character did not believe in arrange marriages, but still got along well, with the family that did. That was a nice portrayal of women who had their own strong and bold ideologies, something which was more like a sin during the early 2000's. However, no matter what, one can't deny that 'Geet' has been one of the most Iconic characters of all times. While in the modern world, the Indian society saw a girl like 'Geet' as annoying and wannabe before the movie was out, almost everyone fell in love with the character after watching the movie. She represented the modern 'Bindaas' and 'Cool' that every girl aspired to be. The idea of 'Self love' had no longer been a taboo, and a way of showing off after all, 'Mai apni Favorite hu'? More than all, the character taught us, to simply follow our heart, and take our own decisions and when it comes to the world stopping you, as Geet says "Tenu Ki Farak Penda Hai"?! And if this wasn't enough we soon had 'Meera' from 'Love Aaj Kal' representing the perfections of a girl with in the imperfections. She simply taught us, it is okay to make mistakes and for that matter had the guts to even accept them with open arms. She did not mind publicly kissing her boyfriend, or even being 'okay' with the idea of a mutual break up. Something that the girls could relate to most, because all this was a result of the choice she made. And yes, she was bold enough to even make her own choices, no matter how right or wrong they were. And amongst all this how do we forget the character of Heer from Rockstar, she showed the dirty side, that every girl wished to have at least once in her life. Imtiaz put the bold devil hidden deep inside every girl out and open. Right from watching the 'Dirty B-Grade movie, in a cheap theater' to dancing a 'local bar' this has been the wildest dirty fantasy of almost every girl. The director portrayed it in a way that made it look all the more acceptable for our society. Finally came 'Veera' from the movie Highway, she was somebody any girl from a conservative Indian family could relate to. She lacked freedom, and it is only after she was kidnapped we got to see, this 'free side' of her. Something every girl could relate to, right from the simple blabbering that happens with her automatically , to her breaking down and revealing her entire molestation story. It looked so real and authentic. With such amazing characters, that Imtiaz has been gifting women, we really can't wait to see what’s next!