The Chopra, who couldn’t make it big: Uday Chopra

The article gives a glimpse of why in spite of having a big daddy like Yash Chopra, the actor failed to prove himself as a successful hero.

Uday Chopra The Chopra, who couldn’t make it big: Uday Chopra Source : Press

Not everybody is lucky enough too born into the Chopra family. While others only dream of it, this star kid was born with more than a golden spoon, probably a platinum one. After all, Yash Chopra the name was enough to explain its grandiosity. The entire Bollywood expected a very big debut for his son Uday chopra, which did happen with Sharukh Khan and Amitabh bachchan, in the movie Mohobbatien. The movie turned out to be a big hit, but it didn’t seem so with Uday’s career graph. Although the actor won the award for best debut male, it didn’t really help much. The actor was next seen in the movie Mere Yaar Ki Shaddi Hai, besides Jimmy Shergil, although the movie did a good business over all, he again did not get the required credits. He was next seen in movies like Charas and Supari, which again didn’t work out well, after which the actor decided to give up acting and look for production and direction, that is when he went on to produce movies like Mujhse Dosti Karoge, in which of course he had a special appearance too. The Chopra’s however did not lose their hope yet, and decided to make a film with Uday again, this time it was with Tanisha who was going through a similar downfall in her career. It was taken as a comeback for Uday Chopra. However the movie named ‘Neil and Nikki’ again didn’t do so well. Uday Chopra finally got a massive hit with Dhoom, where he played the role of a local bike thug who joins hands with the cops to help chase the culprit. Uday had then become the face of the character ‘Ali’ in Dhoom, and later went on to do the next two sequels of the movie too! However, after Dhoom 3, in 2013 he is nowhere to be seen when we speak of acting scenarios. With stories like these, it is very clear that no matter how big daddy you have, luck and talent are the biggest daddy of all. All the best to this actor for his upcoming production and acting ventures!

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