Arjun Kapoor says “I appreciate the initiative of all film festivals”

The 'Tevar' star, Arjun Kapoor who is the grandson of the late film maker, Surinder Kapoor and the nephew of the Anil Kapoor talks about how cinema is really a big part in everyone's life.

Arjun Kapoor. Arjun Kapoor. Source : Press

Arjun Kapoor recently opened a film festival in Mumbai by lighting the lamp. Arjun is not only witty but, also intelligent. Belonging to the filmy family this actor knows how to make the best from his profession. Therefore, having consented to be the opening batsman for the Film Festival he put forth his point of view very intelligently. Arjun told the on lookers, “I am from the film fraternity therefore watching films has been part and parcel of my childhood days too. We could afford to watch films on a video player as well. Usually, as cine-goers we often know about Bollywood and Hollywood films only. But with Film Festivals being organized all over India also in the interiors’ of India the audiences’ get an opportunity to watch most of the films in many other languages’ as well.”


Adding further the benefits of watching cinema, “Cinema is a medium that portrays the experiences of real life onto the reel. Watching films from all over the World in varied languages definitely, proves to be an eye opener for the audiences. I thus appreciate the initiate of all film festivals that enable people to watch movies from all over the World. Cinema is a medium which also helps one grow”. He concludes.