Amber Rose talks about sex

This actress sure, knows how to open her mouth loud and open. She was seen talking about sex and pregnancy boldly in her won show.. She also shared some insights from Wiz's side.

Amber Rose Amber Rose talks about sex Source : Press

Amber Rose, this lady sure knows when to open her mouth, loud and big, and she did it again! The lady in a candid conversation opened up secrets about her and husband Wiz Khalifa's intimate moments. The lady on her own Amber Rose show, said it aloud boldly of how she was never in the mood to have sex with her husband when she was pregnant and would always pretend like she was interested. Her son Sebastian is now 3 years old. Amber and Rose later separated. The actress was quoted saying "When I was pregnant, it was just like, ''Fine.' I would act like I was into it, but I was like, 'Please just hurry up,'' further she also added "He loved my body," she added about Wiz, who is now her ex-husband. "I was nine months and he was like, 'The baby's kinda big now. It's a little weird. I feel like I'm gonna hit my son in the head.''. However in contrast to this Blac Chyna, Roes's alleged best friend commented "she's always horny all the time." Now that was a bold move by Blac Chyna. After all we don't expect such statements from a best friend, but she is not the only one. Rose gave an amazing comeback by commenting boldly about Blac and Rob "I think that chemistry just brought them together, they’re just really full of personality and all over each other constantly," she said. "They're just a really cute couple. She is shy in a lot of ways, but I think Rob brings a lot of that out of her.” Now that makes us say, both the best friends are witty enough to pull each other’s leg or to say something about the other openly.

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