Aamir impressed wife with a cup of tea.

Aamir Khan loves to experiment with his culinary skills. The actor has said that he loves cooking and has been learning new dishes every day.

Aamir Khan Aamir impressed wife with cup of tea Source : Press

Aamir Khan loves to cook and feed the entire family with his cuisine. The actor reveals that his mother makes lovely Biryani and he has learnt how to cook from her. But when we quiz his wife Kiran Rao whether he has ever impressed her with any of his culinary skills, she says "He has only made me a cup of tea so far. He has never ever cooked for me so I cannot speak of his expertise on that field." She further added to it in another interview ‘’Aamir plans to learn all of Ammi’s (Aamir’s mother, Zaanat Hussain) recipes, but that project has been on the backburner for all these years because of the lack of time. But it’s still very much on his agenda. Who knows when he’ll finally manage to do it? When we ask Aamir about it, he says "I will definitely impress her with my cooking but right now I am busy maybe when I am really free I will feed her all my favorite dishes." We are sure Kiran is waiting for the day when her husband Aamir will impress her with his culinary skills.

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