7 times these Bollywood’s filmy actress’s taught us to be all the more Independent

Bollywood has not only entertained us but has also taught us many things, especially the actresses in their dynamic and various avatar’s in all the women centric films.

Richa Chadda, Vidya Balan, Rani Mukherjee 7 times these Bollywood’s filmy actresss taught us to be all the more Independent Source : Press

While, we already learn so many things about women centric ideologies, feminism and that entire sociology book stuff… There have been various times when bollywood has also added to it, by teaching us how to be Independent …

1. Rani Mukherjee- Remember when the henna applied on a bride’s hand was more like a hand-cuff?  No, we are not talking about the time back in 80’s…

Mehndi, a 98’ drama of Rani Mukherjee taught us about how the henna or ‘Mehendi’ has the power to even destroy the evils of dowry. (People we hear your *hands raising yes!*)


2. Sridevi- All the times when we have felt irritated by all the “Beta, add me on facebook or change my status on ‘whatsapp’ thingies!! This movie is here to make us feel guilty but more loving. You go mommies!!

English Vinglish Is one such movie which has accepted the FB friend request and taught all the mothers to change their status.


3. Vidya Balan- A female is a very loving and caring wife who loves her husband immensely and takes care of him and his entire family and that goes without saying and when it comes to protecting her family, you surely never wanna come in her bad books.        

Kahaani of actress Vidya Balan teaches us the same thing and made everyone all the more clear about the ‘Durga roop’ and why no one should ever witness it… Ever!! *beware traitors*


4. Kangana Ranaut- Remember the guy who made you feel at the top of the world once and remember the same guy giving you a toughest fall of all times? (Ouch! I know, that hurts) No, wait! Don’t sob over it… 

and remember you crying almost half your life for that low life guy? *sobs accompanying you* While you start feeling like being in a Hindi drama in which you are playing the role of a damsel in distress! And suddenly the movie Queen breaks your notion. And your life theory becomes “why fart and waste it, when you can burp and taste it?”  (Don’t eeww! me common..)


5. Rani Mukherjee, Again- Aahh! This female seems to be a lot more independent then we thought and the independence doesn’t only limit to her.

This Mardaani has taught us how to be independent together! Creating balance between helping the society and being by the side of the truth and yet being a ‘family first’ person is possible, and Rani has taught us all.


6. Bhumi Pednekar- This actress has taught us that ‘love comes in all the sizes’.

The movie Dum laga ke haisha’s already independent Sandhya’s character, is very relatable to all the “zero figures out there’’ *looks in the mirror*. The movie teaches us the know how’s of a relationship and how physical appearance is not the only important thing. What matters is how you can carry each other’s baggage properly and be a great support. Well, literally in this case though. ;)


7. Richa Chadda- The role of ‘Devi’ by this actress surely inspired every female who has been even close to a situation like the one she faces.

The movie Masan and Richa’s character in it makes it very relatable for all the females who have faced the evils of the society and the ill treatment of the officials. It surely conveys the message of “something good is in store for all” in a great way.


These actresses not only teach us the know hows of a relationship or how to be free and self sufficient, but also fills in a sense of individualism, hope and Independence…

Great job Bollywood!