5 Times when Rituraj Mohanty touched our souls through his voice

The television singing reality show India's Raw star winner Rituraj Mohanty has been and inspiration to all and his songs have touched many hearts and left a lasting image

Rituraj Mohanty 5 Times when Rituraj Mohanty touched our souls through his voice Source : Press

Rituraj Mohanty surely has inspired millions of people and touched many hearts time and again by his soulful voice. This Odisha boy has left a lasting effect on everyone's heart not only by his songs and charismatic voice but also from the most inspiring struggle story he has.  The India's raw star winner has reached the heights of success only by tasting the soil of defeat. Even after facing so many downfalls Rituraj proved to be a real rawstar.  Rituraj has been famous for various things and the major being his top 5 songs because of which his voice touched many souls. Let's see our boy  with 'Sufiyana awaz' has done how many wonders.


1. Galliyan- It goes without saying that the Rituraj version of this song has to hit the charts and that too on the top. Rituraj's galliyan song has been the most favourite of all and it has also bagged many downloads from various music websites.




2. Kabira- The Kabira has to agree if the song is sung by such a beautiful voice and it sure did. The performance by this talented singer on India's raw star on the song India's raw star made the Judges and Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor (the guest judges) go speechless, Rituraj's this performance made Arjun Kapoor click a picture with him and enjoying a fan boy moment.




3. Abhi Mujhme Kahi- We all have witnessed this soulful singer put life in a sand art while performing on the song Abhi mujhme kahi song from the movie 'Agneepath'. The entwining of the amazing artists sand art and Rituraj's incedible voice was a treat for all the audiences and judges too.




4. Maula - When a already profound song gets a voice of a singer of such a great caliber, the listeners are sure to have a time of their life listening to it and the 'Maula' song surely was that one song.   




5. Qurbaan-  Rituraj made every heart's distress go qurbaan by performing on this song. Rituraj won so many hearts by this song and also was praised alot for the same.





      Rituraj has not only marked his name as a profound singer in the industry but has also taught us that if you dream of something, with hard work and passion you sure can achieve them. This guy surely has a big dreams and even bigger vision.