Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Movie Review 2017: A satisfying end to an ERA

Movie Name
Resident Evil The Final Chapter
Paul W.S. Anderson
01 hours 46 minutes

Resident Evil The Final Chapter Review

One Last time, let's stand up against the evil corporation, One last time let's kill all the zombies, One last time let's have insane action sequences and save the world, One last time let's stand up with Alice and win this time. But is it really the last time?

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is out and the saga which started way back with Alicia Marcus has finally got its final chapter. But did it? If you look at the open-ended climax sequence, you will also ask the same question.

Talking about the story, Alice returns to the birthplace of the zombie apocalypse to take a final stand against the evil Umbrella Corporation who is on its last leg to eradicate what is left of humanity. But will she succeed this time?

Alice played by Milla Jovovich is on a mission to save the remaining 4,500 people on earth which the evil Umbrella Corporation is planning to destroy. Alice's nemesis throughout this series, The Red Queen is helping her this time against the corporation. The Red Queen helps her this time by telling her where she can get the only remaining vaccine to cure the undead 4500 people within 48 hours. 

Alice has to go for it. It is her only chance to put an end to this apocalypse and she has to put all her cards on the table for this one. She teams up with her old friend Clare Redfield played by Ali Larter and other survivors and tells them of her insane plan which is to return to The Hive, release the anti-virus which Red queen has told her about and kill her old enemies Wesker played Shawn Roberts and Dr. Alexander Isaacs played by Iain Glen in the next 48 hours.

The pace of the movie is fast and this can be the reason that you will miss out on some minute details but the well-executed action sequences compensate for all those miss outs. 

Even the zombie-killing has got the taste of new technologies and has become more stylized than the previous installments and so have the weapons and the monsters.

But, what will leave you blown is the climax, though. At the end, the makers again decided to leave enough of a story that you wonder whether the next movie in the franchise is a reboot or a sequel. 


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The Verdict

All in all, we give the 'so-called' final chapter, Resident Evil The Final Chapter a 3-star rating.


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