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Muramba Movie Review 2017: A Fresh and charming love story

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Varun Narvekar
02 hours 08 minutes

Muramba Review

The dry spell in Marathi cinema seems to be finally ending with the onset of monsoon. The Mithila Palkar and Amey Wagh starrer Muramba is like a fresh breeze of air that brings along rain with it.

Muramba caught my attention right from the promos. Such sleek and stylish trailer for a Marathi movie is really rare. And that freshness in presentation can be seen in the movie as well. In an average romantic movie, a boy and a girl fall in love and the conflict in the story forces them to sway apart. But here the film begins with a break up. This break up is then scrutinized and discussed from all angles. And therein lies the heart of the film.

Varun Narvekar's fine direction ensure that the movie doesn't feel theatrical despite having a structure similar to a play.

The young pair of Amey Wagh and Mithila Palkar not only look pretty but also back it up with believable performances. Amey is one of the most skilled young actors of the Marathi industry and has time and again given proof of his talent, be it in movies, on tv or on the stage. And as expectedly, he shines here in a complex role.

Mithila Palkar is what you can call a new age actress. Even before she has played a lead role in a movie, she is a sensation thanks to her viral videos and hit web series. Her casting is perfect here and the young couple complements each other mighty well. Marathi cinema is in a dire need of a young actress who is not just a pretty face but can also act. Well, look no further than Mithila. I won't be surprised if she is inundated with offers for her next film.

The senior pair of Sachin Khedekar and Chinmayi Sumeet give the young ones a run for their money. Khedekar has given a number of fine performances in his career, but the understanding and gentle father in Muramba has to be one of his best.

The beautiful background score and peppy music adds to the charm of the movie.


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The Verdict

The fresh story telling, charming acting by the lead pair and the sleek presentation make Muramba a pleasant watch. It is a movie that will leave a smile on your face.


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