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John Wick Chapter 2 Movie Review 2017: It's not about the Dog this time

Movie Name
John Wick Chapter 2
Chad Stahelski
02 hours 02 minutes

John Wick Chapter 2 Review

With the dog by his side, John's revenge story was over in the first part of this franchise but the story of John Wick wasn't over there and that is why we have John Wick Chapter 2, directed by the debutant director and Matriz stuntman Chad Stahelski. 

John Wick was an unexpected hit of 2014 and the problem with unexpected hit's sequel is that you have to come up something new and unexpected again. Maybe that's why the dog sticks around this time. From an underground organization circling around a hotel in New York to a cult of highly trained assassins, Chad did a good job in making the sequel grander and in giving context to the organization behind all this.

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Now that, it is not anymore an organization in a hotel and it has given a different tone this time, there are rules which are needed to be learned by everyone:

Rule No. 1, “No blood on Continental grounds,” serves to protect bitter rivals, the way “base” does in grade-school games of tag. Rule No. 2, “Every marker must be honored,” explains why Wick can’t retire just yet: In order to leave the organization, he pledged to fulfill one last favor when asked. And now, his marker has come due. 

After the revenge, Wick shared a truce but he owe's a favor that he has to return. Wick’s debt drags him into the middle of a power play for a seat at the High Table, a council of international super-criminals in which Italian playboy Santino D’Antonio wants the spot held by his sister Gianna, and orders Wick to eliminate her. It’s a job that Wick describes as “impossible,” but actually proves to be remarkably easy until he tries to escape, only to be cornered by both Gianna’s bodyguard and D’Antonio’s henchmen.

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Like the last movie, Now John is hunted by other contractors for money.  No sooner the task gets completed than D’Antonio issues an open contract on Wick, which goes out wide to every assassin in the world which also showed us how far continental roots go. Next is as John says in the trailer itself, "I will kill them all."

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With the action packed sequences and Keanu Reeves poker face on every situation with John Wick aura, the movie really does justice to with the prequel.
All in all, for the lovers of killing, this movie is a must watch and gets a 3.0-star rating.


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The Verdict

Directed by Chad Stahelski, the second installment of John Wick starring Keanu Reeves is about the 'Boogeyman' John Wick who has been dragged from his quiet retired life to pay his last favor to his makers


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