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Inferno Movie Review 2016: Welcome to the tenth circle of hell

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Inferno Review

Tom Hanks is back with his 'Da Vinci Code' director Ron Howard for another round of European adventures in this action thriller Inferno based on the novel by Dan Brown. We see the same team which gave us Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, giving us the third adaptation of Dan Brown's mystery starring Tom Hanks as art historian and cryptologist Robert Langdon.

The film starts with some fast edited shots, letting us know the pace of the film. We see inter cut shots of lecture from billionaire biologist Bertrand Zobrist decrying the effects of overpopulation and shots of him being pursued through the streets of Florence, Italy.

Zobrist is being pursued by Agent Brouchard. Zobrist chooses to throw himself out of the tower rather than being arrested by the Agent. The protagonist Langdon is also in Florence though he doesn't remember how he got there.

He wakes up with a gash in his scalp in a hospital, attended to by comely English-accented physician Sienna Brooks. Sienna’s explanation of how he arrived at the hospital days ago and how he has temporary amnesia due to his head trauma is interrupted when Vayentha, a female Carabinieri, arrives at the hospital, shooting an orderly and firing in Langdon’s general direction.

Sienna helps Langdon escape. While they head back to the apartment, Langdon is troubled by disturbing vision of people with twisted, tortured bodies, a mysterious woman wearing a face-concealing veil and a beefy man.

The film takes a lot reference from Dante's work especially Dante's 10th circle of hell. Working through the poem, they find out Zobrist was a kind of extreme green zealot who planned to release a plague virus within 24 hours that would kill off most of the world’s population, thereby easing the strain humanity puts on the earth’s resources.

Okay lets not spoil the movie for you. The film start with a lot of loose ends but all is revealed by the end.

Most of the film's twists are predictable but the way the twists are shown are intriguing and nothing less than a visual delight. With a strong supporting cast that includes Sidse Babett Knudsen, Ben Foster, Irrfan Khan and Omar Sy, the film will keep you glued to the screen till the end.

It will be a little too much to say that the film surpasses Da Vinci Code but the film will live with the audience for a very long time. The film may face some criticism from the die hard Dan Brown book readers but then we all know that film makers tend to change things according to their vision when they adapt a book.


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The Verdict

All in all Inferno is worth a watch. We give the film 3 out of 5.



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