Collateral Beauty Movie

Collateral Beauty Movie Review 2016: We are all connected, but not this time

Movie Name
Collateral Beauty
David Frankel
01 hours 37 minutes

Collateral Beauty Review

A poster with a lot of faces having some soft focus and certain bright really gives away the mood of the film. When you see faces with eyes emoting hope and giving us the essence of love and forgiveness and life, you automatically think that movie is going to show the beauty of life. The beauty, the mistakes, and the forgiveness.
We are sorry to say this but even getting it all right in the poster, Will Smith starred Collateral Beauty lost it all in the movie.
And After watching this movie you might not forgive Will Smith.
Collateral Beauty creates this manipulative environment which has forced sentimentality and even more forced climax.
Will Smith plays a super-brilliant ad exec with a Ted-talking visionary schtick about connectivity. But when he tragically loses his six-year-old to cancer, poor Will becomes a mumbling semi-crazy hermit who is in danger of running his company into the ground. He starts writing letters to abstract concepts like Death, Love and Time, to rail at them. So his sorrowing colleagues – Ed Norton, Kate Winslet, and Michael Peña – cook up a sneaky plan. They intercept the letters and hire three actors, played by Helen Mirren, Keira Knightley, and Jacob Latimore, to go up to Will in the street and argue with him, pretending to be Death, Love and Time.
Well, if you think all this is in your head, you find a nice concept but a nice concept can't become a nice film without great execution.
Even After having such a great cast, David Franke fails to give us a heart warming story to remember. The cast tries to lift the movie up and some performance is commendable but a soldier can't win a war when the leader is lost.
You can watch Collateral Beauty for Will smith and other good cast members, but you can't expect a story worth keeping in mind.


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The Verdict

For a man who tries to cope up by writing letters to time, death and love, Collateral Beauty gets 2-stars from us.


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