Office Christmas Party

Office Christmas Party Review 2016: Bonhomie With Branded Madness

Movie Name
Office Christmas Party
Josh Gordon
01 hours 46 minutes

Office Christmas Party Review

It’s that time of the year when a Christmas film must roll along to celebrate the season for giving. Josh, the Chief Technical Officer of Zenotek, has done just that – given away all his money to his wife as alimony.

 He feels as light as the snowflakes falling over him and the Zenotek family is in the best of spirits as they get ready to party. Especially boss Clay Vanstone who’s a real softie and loves to party.
But oh, oh, here comes his snarky sister Carol. Oops, someone’s going to get fired. She begins. No Christmas party, no bonuses. In fact, she wants to shut down the whole branch and she can because she’s the interim CEO.

Clay, Josh, and Tracey who’s a programmer with Zenotek, must get a major client like Walter Davis on board to save their office. And what better way than to invite Walter over to party with them? 
It turns into a mad riot, the office is torn apart like a tornado has hit it. But it all ends well of course. In true Christmas spirit, Clay and Carol discover that blood is thicker than water, the siblings do care for each other. And there’s unmistakable chemistry between Jason and Tracy.

Directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck make a film that’s as predictable as Santa Claus turning up in red. There’s familiarity in the sprinkle of characters like a single mother and employees with various fetishes. There’s also the mandatory blast of cocaine to make the party wilder, a gun-wielding bunch out to grab Clay’s money and drunken driving. Before success hits them unexpectedly and it’s time to party again.

But there are a handful of fun dialogues, especially one that takes off on the name Carol. A scene where Clay says one thing but gestures the opposite is also funny.
The cast saves the show. Jennifer Aniston as crusty sister Carol and TJ Miller as Clay carry off the dissimilar siblings with required wackiness. Jason Bateman as Josh isn’t the one with the best scenes but he adds to the general pleasantness. Courtney Vance as Walter Davis goes from stern to silly in a jiffy as all good actors must.


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The Verdict

For a comedy where everything is foreseeable, Office Christmas Party gets a 2.5* rating.


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