Bucket List

Bucket List Movie Review 2018 (Marathi with English sub titles): An Old-fashioned Outing

Movie Name
Bucket List
Tejas Vijay Deoskar
02 hours 10 minutes

Bucket List Review

It's a sweet premise.

Typical housewife Madhura Sane has got the heart of a young girl in a transplant surgery. All's fine in the household with Madhura back on her feet and back in the kitchen catering to the various tastes of her in-laws, her husband, and her two children. But when she finds the bucket list of the 20-year-old donor who gave her a new heart, Madhura's life changes. Fulfilling the bucket list becomes Madhura's raison d'etre, transforming her from the woman who lived solely for her family to an individual with an identity and a life of her own.

It's interesting so far and Madhura's first visit to the donor's family is heart-rending.

But writer-director Tejas Vijay Deoskar takes a rather outdated route as his narration which has its contradictions.

In a perfectly urban set-up, Madhura is so clueless, she doesn't even know what ‘going viral' means. While she herself goes pubbing and getting wasted, she objects to her daughter ordering a short dress. The drunken scene is also not amusing. In fact that's where Deoskar stumbles. Somewhere the film stops entertaining even where it's supposed to be comic.

But the really yawn-eliciting portions are Madhura's self-discovery which have dialogues and situations that are laborious and last season. Her putting her foot down with her husband comes at a time where she seems unreasonable. And the manner in which he and his family finally turn supportive is way too predictable and pat.

There are touches that have warmth. The donor's friends rallying around Madhura is a nice watch and her husband's grandmother, played by old veteran Shubha Khote, is a wicked delight. The grandma's snarky disdain for her own daughter-in-law (Madhura's mother-in-law) is endearing and amusing.

It is the performances that give a boost to the somewhat tiresome story-telling. Madhuri Dixit, pretty as a picture, is completely at home in her first Marathi outing. If only she didn't have to spout such old-fashioned clichés.

Renuka Shahane as the donor's mother adds a certain depth to the character. Sumeet Raghavan as Madhura's corporate world husband is excellent in a language that's not even his mother tongue.

Rohan Rohan's music is pleasant but not chartbusting melodious.


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The Verdict

For a neat thought that stays average because it lacks fresh writing, Bucket List gets a 2.5* rating.


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