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Wonder Woman Trailer Review: The Warrior has Risen

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Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman Review

Another trailer of Wonder Woman is out and definitely the best one. With We are the Warriors playing in the background, the warrior has finally risen and she is going to take down the evil Dr. Poison, her big mass destruction weapon and of course Aries who is thriving on this war.

While we have had several trailers, with different titles and pace, showing us the origin, the history, the villain Aries, this trailer shows how Diana is going to own everyone with her aura of a warrior. The trailer starts with intercut shots of Wonder Woman fighting an army of men shooting and Queen Hippolyta telling her that the mankind doesn't deserve her and with pumped music in the background, you will instantly get hooked to the trailer.

Talking about the story reveal, we get to know that Dr. Poison is making a weapon which will make sure that the war will be something which will continue till eternity and any idea who is going to thrive from this destruction?

Yes, It will be Aries but Amazons were made by Zeus to keep the peace and keep Aries at bay in the past and when they were successful they were given a paradise undetectable by humans which gives them immortality.

Coming back to the trailer, the trailer shows how Amazons don't mingle with the man's world but when Steve Trevor tells them about the grave danger, Diana is ready to help even if that means abandoning the paradise.

The trailer shows us how Diana is still discovering her full potential and tells us that by the end of it Wonder woman will be able to use all her powers. The trailer also had some really good comical moments:

Diana: To the war
Trevor: Well, technically the war is that way but we have to get to this way first

Any many more comical moments which tries to show us that it will have the comic relief which DC movies have been lacking till now.

The only weird thing about the trailer was the repetition of the shots at the end. We wonder if that was done deliberately or just to avoid giving away the best parts or the main plot in the trailer itself.


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The Verdict

With warrior music, the warrior has definitely risen in this Wonder Woman trailer and gives us hope we will have a great DC universe movie and take down some baggage of expectation off from the Justice League movie.


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