Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Thor Ragnarok Trailer: Team Thor VS Goddess of Death Hella

Movie Name
Thor: Ragnanrok
Taika Waititi
Comic, Action
00 hours 02 minutes

Thor: Ragnanrok Review

While Steppenwolf is eager to take down the earth of DC universe, Goddess of Death- Hella is all set to destroy Marvel Universe's Asgard to rebuild and the only one who can stop her is the God of Thunder- Thor and his team which includes Gama monster Hulk, Heaven's warrior Valkyrie and the God of Mischief- Loki.

Talking about the gist of the trailer, Hella is out from hell after defeating Valkheri and the heaven warriors and she has taken control of Asgard. She destroyed Thor and his hammer which drove Thor on a journey of self-discovery which led him to Zakar which had Hulk as fighter and Valkyrie who seems to be on an exile living a life of a crooked warrior.

Not to forget Loki, who for some reason is a prisoner in Zakar. Thor along with these three decides to save Asgard from Ragnarok. We still don't know how they are going to connect this with Thor's earth visit and his adventures with Dr. Strange and Loki in order to find his father Odin but this is a Marvel movie we are talking about, they think about the crossovers even before the story of the movie so we will find a proper connection.

While we see more of Hulk, we also see Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner and we also witness the great friendship between Thor and Hulk which has been the base of a lot of stories in Avengers storyline. Not just that, we also see Hulk talking.

No! He doesn't beat up Loki again and says, "Puny God!" He actually talks to Thor and says, "Hulk is like raging fire, Thor is like smoldering fire." It seems that whatever happened in Zakar has given more control to Hulk over his raging mind and don't think that his smash has been affected by that. You can see the Hulk smash when he goes toe to toe with the likes of Surtur and Fenris Wolf.

Two things that were missing from the trailer were, Odin and The Infinity stone but we are sure that there is an infinity stone which will appear in Thor Ragnarok.

While the movie has great moment for Hulk, Loki, Valkyrie and other characters, we should not forget that Thor is titular character and he will obviously have the most glorious moment in the movie and we get the glimpse of that movies when the lightning and thunder surge through his body and he is in no need of his hammer to summon the thunder.


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The Verdict

While the first two Thor movies haven't given us the real mightiness of the titular characters, Thor Ragnarok has a great responsibility to make Thor at par with all the other famous Avengers characters and keep up with the hype of Avengers Infinity Wars. Although we can't say how the movie will be, we are sure that the trailers are giving us attacks of excitement and that's why this trailer will get 3.5-star ratings.


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