The Mummy

The Mummy Trailer 2017: Tom Cruise reveals the villain finally

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The Mummy
Alex Kurtzman
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The Mummy Review

Something horrible, something awry, something ancient has returned and that’s a bad news for the world in the new trailer for the upcoming movie, ‘The Mummy’.
The trailer of the movie was premiered at the CinemaCon last week and has now been made public through online media. The newest trailer of the movie reveals more of the back story of the film, showing more of Tom Cruise’s character Nick Morton, discovering what according to him is an ancient tomb, but the actor later learns that it actually is a prison for something of a demonic value.
The trailer then flashes back to the ancient Egyptian time period, where the audiences and the viewers see a young woman (who is being played by Sofia Boutell) murdering the Pharaoh in his sleep. The trailer hears a voice over in the background saying that the woman was promised that she would one day rule the world but it was not the case when it was taken away from her.
The trailer then sees her returning in the modern time when excavation on the land of Cairo is done by a group of paleontologists. Na now she’s back in power through a curse she put on Morton.
Alex Kurtzman is directing ‘The Mummy’ and he is poised to set a shared cinematic universe for the Universal Studios, which features its monsters. The upcoming movie in the list of the Universal Studios will see Javier Bardem being cast as the Frankenstein and in the film with the same title. Also, Johnny Depp is also all set to play the role of Invisible Man.


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The Verdict

Something horrible, something awry, something ancient has returned and in store for the fans to watch as they wait for the chapter to unfold



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