The Greatest Showman Trailer

The Greatest Showman Trailer Review: Indeed a GREAT show

Movie Name
The Greatest Showman
Michael Gracey
Biography, Drama, Musical
12 hours 02 minutes

The Greatest Showman Review

"Every one of us is special and Nobody is like one of us. That's the point of my show."

'The Greatest Showman' has indeed got a great showman in Hugh Jackman to show the most epic musical drama of 2017 to movie buffs. The first trailer of The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya is out and while the trailer will make you feel good about life and lift up your spirits even if you are in bad place, it also promises to give you a sense of elaborate journey which you will have when you will be sitting in the theatre seats and watch Hugh Jackman playing what he really is: A Great Showman.

Every great idea comes from the smallest incident to your life and the trailer brings this to life when Hugh Jackman told his girls, "Girls! I think I have an idea." then the background score "Look Out coz here I come" which will indeed give you fight you need to get up once more and conquer the world and THE JOURNEY BEGINS.

The freshness of inspiration is not in just the story which is based on the imagination of P.T. Barnum, it can also be seen in the eyes of the cast members. We are not just talking about Hugh but it also honesty in portrayal can be seen in the eyes of Zac, Rebecca, and Zendaya. Directed by Michael Gracey, the film is going to celebrate the birth of show business and what is the better way than a musical to celebrate it.

If you are thinking that how this movie is going to be different then the answer is in the trailer itself when Hugh Jackman said, "Nobody made a difference by being like everyone else."


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The Verdict

Well if you are going to ask why should we go and watch the first day and first show of the movie, then I have this small excerpt to quote from the trailer.
"You certainly have the flare for Show Business.
Show Business? Never heard of it.
Because I just invented it."


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