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The Gifted Trailer: Don't dare to bully a Mutant

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The Gifted
Bryan Singer
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The Gifted Review

From the done and dusted director of X-Men series, Bryan Singer comes a new tv series which also marks the partnership of Marvel and Fox to some level and we have got the first trailer for this much-anticipated tv series The Gifted.

A time when X-Men are either a myth or long gone legends, the new wave of mutants are discovering their powers and those who have already discovered the powers have gone into hiding to avoid any struggle with threats to them like Sentinal Spiders.

We have finally got some really cool comic book characters which have been revived for this live action tv series, so please welcome Blink, Thunderbolt, Eclipse, and Polaris. You might know them from the comics but now they are in flesh in this first trailer.

While the mutants look strong, there are Sentinels to keep them in check and are the reason behind this hiding. But all hell seems to break loose when a bunch of school kids tries to mess with a kid named, Andy who is a mutant with powers of telekinesis just like Jean Grey and Professor X. Lauren another mutant with same powers who has been trying to train Andy in order to control his power, also comes out of hiding to save Andy and this is the point you realize that even the biggest struggle starts when a family stands strong to survive.

We are talking about the Strucker family. Comic book Junkies and Tv series lovers welcome the last two key characters of The Gifted who are going to be the spine of this struggle and parents who are going do anything to save their children, Caitlin and Reed Strucker.


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The Verdict

All in all, we know the love-hate relationship X-men share with Bryan Singer which might give us a bit of hesitation about The Gifted but we still have hope from the creator who made the X-Men possible on the big screen to do wonders on the small screen as well.

With that hope, we give this trailer 3.5-star rating.


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