The Foreigner trailer review

The Foreigner trailer review: Jackie Chan shows the John Wick aura against Pierce Brosnan

Movie Name
The Foreigner
Martin Campbell
Action Drama
00 hours 03 minutes

The Foreigner Review

We all know what happens when you mess with the dog and the car of an adult who is grieving after the death of his wife and has a crazy history in the underworld. His name was John Wick but do you have any idea what happens when you keep the name of the people from an old father whose daughter was murdered by the same people and the father has a big history in the army?

Well, you will surely find that out after the release of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan starrer The Foreigner. The trailer of 'The Foreigner' is out and let us tell you it is one of the most moving and hardcore Jackie Chan movie trailer. Imagine a setting where a retired army officer with his daughter is living peacefully in foreign lands until the time the daughter gets killed in one of the terrorist attacks and now the retired father will do anything to serve justice with his own hands even if he has to go against the officials working in the case to an extent where he is even ready to harm them to get to the terrorist.

Hardcore, right? Well, you will see all this happening soon in 'The Foreigner' where Jackie Chan goes on a rampage against everyone good or bad and Pierce Brosnan on the receiving end of this massacre led by one single old who just loved his daughter so much that he will do anything to find the guys who took her away from him forever.

Director Martin Campbell, who is known for his hit James Movie 'Casino Royale' is another to reason which assures that this movie is going to leave no stone unturned whether it comes to justify the drive Jackie has or the action set pieces.


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The Verdict

The only problem with the trailer was the time duration. The trailer is too long and should have been cut short to give a more crisp feeling. But the insane rampage by Jackie Chan and the desperate attempt to save himself by Pierce Brosnan still let you go on to watch this long trailer. Keeping this one drawback in mind, this trailer gets a 4-star rating.


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