Spider-man: Homecoming

Spider-man Homecoming Trailer Review: What are you hiding Peter?

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Spider-man: Homecoming
Jon Watts
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Spider-man: Homecoming Review

It is raining trailers and it seems that Marvel and DC are going all out to make themselves look better than the other and the only people who are getting the benefit from this war of trailers are the fans.

First the Wonder Woman trailer and now new Spiderman Homecoming trailer. So let's talk about this new trailer of the Marvel's version of Spiderman.

Well, while the first two trailer gave us a better look at the main characters like Peter Paker played by Tom Holland, Tony Stark played by Rober Downey Jr. And the big baddie Vulture played by Micheal Keaton, this new clip was all about Peter's high school friends and their impact in his life.

The clip starts with Ned Lee finding out that his pal Peter is actually Spiderman from the youtube and he is kind of an Avenger and the comic chemistry between him and Peter kicks off the trailer in the very sassy tone.

Well, talking about Ned Lee, the comic version of the character is someone who eventually turns into the character of Hob Goblin so we wonder if the makers are going to do the same with the character in the upcoming sequels to Homecoming.

The next we see is another Peter Parker friend, Michelle who actually knows that something is up with Peter and finds her off guard with her question but then she just leaves the topic and pretends that she doesn't care.

Throughout the trailer we see the action pieces intertwined with these conversations of Peter with Michelle and Ned Lee while the peppy music ups the ante of the trailer. We also get a sideways look of Shocker in this trailer while he using the same kind of Gauntlets that were used by Crossbones when he was fighting Captain America in Civil War.

The trailer was mainly focused on Peter's chemistry with his friends and it gave us a good look on his social life which is kind off just restricted to Michele and Ned.


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The Verdict

All in all, it was a short crisp trailer, more of a teaser which has come to tease us more for this High school version of Spiderman and it was successful in doing so.


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