Ready Player One Trailer

Ready Player One Trailer: From Tron Light Cycle to Iron Giant

Movie Name
Ready Player One
Steven Speilberg
Sci Fi
00 hours 03 minutes

Ready Player One Review

Steven Speilberg is the name which has been used to tell all the movie lovers the story of a revolution. A director who made the impossible possible through his story telling and through his gutsy way of filmmaking.

While he has been into new territories with his every movie, this time the director is going to make us explore the adventures of the Digital World. From Iron Giants to the Tron's light cycle, the first trailer has shown us everything that we expect from a movie based on digital world and more.

A time where the life outside the rooms are too boring so there is a need of and the imaginary world which leads to OASIS, a digital world where the only limitation is your imagination. From Freddy Kruger fighting the cybernetically-enhanced monster to the high tech weapon whatever you think is possible.

Talking about the story for those who have not read the 2011 novel by Ernest Cline, the novel Ready Player One revolved around Wade Watts trying to find the Easter egg left behind by OASIS creator James Halliday before his death. Whoever finds the Easter egg will inherit Halliday's wealth, but they will need to solve a series of puzzles centered around Halliday's fondness for pop culture from near the end of the 20th century. For years OASIS players have been trying to figure out how to find the Easter egg, and Wade finally starts to make significant progress with that on his own, others will soon start going after him so they can obtain Halliday's prize for themselves.


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The Verdict

While we don't know what all changes Speilberg has made in the original story, for now, let's just try to grasp the fact that Speilberg has actually proved that anything is possible and get nostalgic with the previous movie nuances. Keeping all this in mind, we give this trailer of one of the unique film of 2018, 4-star ratings.


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