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Iron Fist Review

"There is no place for Danny Rand." 

Umm, you might be wrong, lady! Because Danny has a big place in the Defenders. So everyone, welcome the last Defender who is going to work in shadows to make his city a safer one just like the other Defenders. While Avengers are out there saving the world from all the mystical powers, people need saving from the crime mafias and just like Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, the newest addition to the team Danny Rand is going to save his city from the horrors of these crime lords. 

And with this action packed trailer fused with some great rap music, Danny is going to kick some ass in style. Talking about the story, Rand industry's sole owner Danny Rand, who was missing and assumed dead when he was 10, is back to civilization. After the plane crash, which cost his parents' life, Danny was saved by the monks of Ku'n Lu'n, the city of immortals, who trained him to be the Iron Fist. Now that his training is over, he is back to claim his company and save his city from the evil.

By the looks of the trailer, Danny seems to be a serious guy who has disguised himself with a mask of humor. Though this interpretation of Danny is not entirely doing justice to his comic book self but we all know how the team behind the Defenders has successfully tweaked the mood of each and every character with a shade of humor and darkness. While the trailer has many new faces and characters like Harold Meachum and Colleen Wing, we also have some familiar faces like mysterious Madam Gao and Defender's version of Phil Coulson, Claire Temple.

At the end, we just want to say, "The change is coming, Danny. Be what you are meant to be."


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The Verdict

Danny Rand is back and is ready to kick some ass in style, Iron Fist, the last defender gets 3.5 stars from us.


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