Marvel Inhumans Trailer Review

Marvel Inhumans Trailer Review: Power struggle between Blackbolt and Maximus will change the world

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Marvel Inhumans
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Marvel Inhumans Review

After being the part of Agents of Shield for the past 4 season, starting from season 2 to season 5, Inhumans have finally got their first tv series and now we have the pretty good look the trademark Inhumans starting from the leader Blackbolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon, Tritan, Crystal and the rebel Maximus. We finally have the faces to associate with these characters.

The trailer certainly shows the good amount of money spent in this series as we all know how long Marvel has been working on the entire idea of Inhumans. From being a phase 4 Marvel movie to getting shelved and later reinvented as a Tv series with the same network which holds the right to Marvel's Agents Of Shield. While it is clear that Marvel is all set to make this series a good as the movie which was never made, the storyline seems to be pretty true to the comics as the first season is going to address the rebel in Royalty when the Supreme Leader of Inhumans, Black Bolt played by Anson Mount will be betrayed by his own brother Maximus played by GOT villain Iwan Pheon.

While the series is just 8 episodes which will have its first episode released on 29th September 2017 and the last one will release just before the first episode of Agents of Shield season 5, the performance of this season will decide the future. Talking about the trailer, we see Maximus' wish to live the life of a powerful on the earth than hiding on the moon. Well for those who don't know, Inhumans are actually created by Kree as experiments. After creating Hive and abandoning him in an inhabitable, Kree kept on experimenting to create Inhumans. This race was then abandoned by the Kree and since then they have been living in the hiding on the moon.

It seems after the arrival of Quake aka Daisy Johnson and other Inhumans on the earth, Maximus sensed the opportunity to come out of the hiding but Blackbolt thinks otherwise which leads to betrayal followed by the struggle of power. This struggle will take place on Earth and let us tell you whatever the fate has for Inhumans, everything will surely change on the earth.


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The Verdict

With good production value and a good cast, Inhumans have the potential to be the television series which can easily bridge the gap between Marvel Tv shows and Marvel movies which have minimum interaction even after being in the same universe. After the trailer, the hopes have even got higher. With that much at stake, Inhumans trailer gets a 3.5-stars rating.


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