Kung Fu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga trailer review: One stretched roller-coaster ride

Movie Name
Kung Fu Yoga
Stanley Tong
Action Adventure
01 hours 53 minutes

Kung Fu Yoga Review

Kung Fu Yoga is an unconventional comedy-adventure blockbuster which is directed by renowned Hong Kong director Stanley Tong. Its cast includes International superstar Jackie Chan, well-known actor Aarif Rahman, rising talent Lay Zhang along with Bollywood stars Sonu Sood, Disha Patani, and Amyra Dastur. Let's not forget the veteran actors Eric Tsang and Zhang Guoli, and yoga master Mu Qimiya.
The film has been directed by Stanley Tong, where he highlights the best of both, Chinese and Indian culture. The film has everything that one would expect. From the typical stereotype image of India, by that we mean elephants taking the guests to the forts to the horse riding in a typical desert with a hero suited up royally, to a lady wearing bridal Indian attire again, for no reason. The two minutes and three-second long trailer takes us through fast cars, furious hyenas, and a lion too. Just name any cliché either Indian or Chinese thing, you’ll be able to watch the film.

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The Rush Hour star, Jackie Chan plays the character of Jack who is a prominent archaeology professor at Terracotta Warriors Museum and teams up with Indian professor, Ashmita played by Disha Patani and Kyra to locate the treasure of Magadha. Well, they obviously do find the remains of the royal army that was vanished with the treasure, but the catch here is that it could only be lured by Randall who is played by Sonu Sood. Sonu plays the role of the descendant of a rebel army leader and there is just one key to unlock the treasure and that is by using a diamond. To retrieve the diamond, the whole crew walks up to a mountain temple which is located in India.
In conclusion, we would say that the film sure looks entertaining and adventurous, but we are not sure if it would be a great hit in the cinemas! Also, we sure are awaited to watch Jackie do the Indian dance.


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The Verdict

The trailer of Kung Fu Yoga just got out and all we can say that the film has shown the audience glimpse of both Indian and Chinese cliched culture


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