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Justice League Trailer: Relax Alfred! They will take it from here

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Justice League
Zack Snyder
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Justice League Review

When we all thought there can't be a single thing which will get us even more excited about the upcoming Justice League movie, Warner Brothers and DC comics dropped the third 4 minutes long trailer. The third trailer for the movie introduces us to the big baddie Steppenwolf who is sure to conquer the earth as it doesn't have any Lantern or any Kryptonian left to protect it. But what he doesn't know that this very vulnerable blue world has a new league who will serve the justice.

A team which consists of an Amazonian, a Cyborg, an Atlantian, the Fastest Man Alive and a rich guy in a Batsuit. While we are happy to see that Joss Weadon is keeping the Zack Snyder's vision for the movie intact, let us tell you that Zack Snyder is still the director of this much-anticipated movie. Talking about the trailer, the trailer starts with the world in frenzy, looking for a new warrior. It is the same world who was questioning the existence of Superman was now mourning the death of the Kryptonian. The same world who criticized the methods of the Bat of Gotham was now asking where the Dark Knight has gone.

Then comes Steppenwolf who steps in Amazon with just one goal, to conquer earth for his master Darkseid. But he will not be able to do that easily as the world has found new warriors led by the same Bat who was criticized. All of them said that the age of heroes will never come back but it seems that they are wrong as the only thing that is between the overwhelmingly powerful Steppenwolf and victory is this league of Superheroes. While it seems that the league can defeat Steppenwolf if all of them pool in their powers, this will be difficult as the league will also face the army of Parademons.

That's why they will need a push and that push will come from the resurrection of the last son of Krypton, Cal-El aka Clark Kent who is also known to the world as Superman. While the trailer is all about the tragedy and League's all out attempt to stop it, there were other key members like James Gordon, Queen Antiope, and Alfred. You can say Alfred is like the phantom member of this League who is supporting them from the shadows.


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The Verdict

At the end, you know everything is going to be alright when Alfred meets a certain someone and said, "They said you will come back. Let's just hope that you are not late." You know that Steppenwolf will fall in front of the league and will send a clear message to Darkseid that if he wants earth then he will have to move his own ass. All in all, the trailer lacked the swag but gave us a lot of story material to think about and that is why it will get 3.5-star ratings.


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