Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Jumanji Trailer Review: It is time to ROCK the jungle ONE MORE TIME

Movie Name
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Jake Kasdan
Adventure, Family, Fantasy
00 hours 03 minutes

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review

The sequel of the Robin William ‘s JumanJi is finally out, but more of a softer version of the first installment. This time it has the wuss guy becoming a tough one, a sportsman into a short adventurous guy, a nerd transforming into a hot chick and the egotistic beauty turned to a fat fucking wuss.

The trailer starts with four high school kids who have been given the punishment to clean the basement of the school. Now, these four are way too bored and find a digital video game and then get sucked into the actual video game. Classic Jumanji. These four then get turned into the characters that they chose for the same. And out of nowhere, hottie Nick Jonas lands up in the middle and takes away my attention.

According to me, the cast is really good that they chose. Dwayne Johnson playing the role of this tough guy who is actually a nerd. And Kevin Hart with him gave the Central Intelligence feels. Now we have seen the two of them work together in the film, so we know The Rock and Hart’s chemistry together. Apart from that, in this modern day Jumanji, we are actually seeing what the world of the game itself looks like, not like the original where the game was coming out in the real world.

The whole trailer gives us the reference to each character have a special skill and the abilities that they will have after leading a certain task. But the funniest part that was for me when the hippo attacked Jack Black and of course survived the attack or probably died.


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The Verdict

All in all, after seeing Kung Fu Panda getting eaten by the hippo, I have realized that the life can be really short and having two installments of Jumanji is nothing but a boon in such a short life. So let's relive the classic game in the modern style in 2017.


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